In our new series on Workday consulting careers, check out this Q&A with one of our Workday Solution Architects on her role, how she got there, and why she loves being part of the Workday ecosystem!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Veronica, I’m a Workday Solution Architect. Outside of work I sail, ski, travel, try new restaurants and catch up on trashy “reality” tv shows. I also love to cook so have been spending Sundays cooking up some pretty crazy concoctions.

Describe your career path before getting into Workday.

Before getting into Workday I was working in talent acquisition operations at the headquarters for a large retail company. Outside of managing recruiting processes I was able to get involved with the deployment of two applicant tracking systems which fuelled my interest in system deployments.

Knowing Workday was the future, I transitioned to an internal role in Global HR with another company to assist with their Workday deployment, following go-live I switched over to the Workday consulting side and have been in the ecosystem for about 6 years now!  

What does an average day look like for you in your

At the moment, my average day starts fairly early in the morning with calls to catch Europe before they logoff for the day, followed by current project work which might include configuring new requirements, preparing for a tenant review or proposing various solutions for a complex issue at hand. In the afternoons I tend to shift focus to pre-sales work and putting together estimates and assumptions for prospective clients.

Describe a highlight of your time at Kainos?

A highlight so far has been all the opportunities I’ve had to pull together content and present to broader audiences outside of an immediate project team, this includes Workday Update Webinars, Regional User Groups and my personal favourite – presenting at Altitude (an annual conference for Workday and Partners).

What have your customers benefited from most from their Workday product?

Besides all of the data and reports available at the click of a button one of the most exciting benefits customers realise from Workday is creating a streamlined global HR operating model that is locally compliant. I love bringing together different sections of the business, understanding the regional differences and helping the customer to design a solution that is a fusion of best practice with unique elements specific to that customer’s business needs.   

What appealed to you most about a career at Kainos?
What sets us apart?

I joined Kainos to get back to working at a smaller consulting firm and because some of my closest former colleagues had left for Kainos. I stay at Kainos because of the opportunity, diversity in the day-to-day, support from the team and encouragement to try new things and continuously improve.  Doing what is best for our customers is at the core of everything I do and to find a company and team who shares that core value makes for an all-around fulfilling work experience.