Aislinn McBride
Aislinn is Tech Strategy Lead for the Digital Services Business Unit in Kainos with 10+ years’ experience of software delivery. She's a strong advocate of using traditional design principles to keep modern day solutions simple. Her role involves bringing technologists together to support the development of innovative, client centric services. Whether it's waterfall or agile, COTS or open source, her success is all about the people and culture.
Aislinn's Posts
12 years in Kainos: From placement student to Tech Strategy Lead
15 March 2019 | Posted by Aislinn McBride

Aislinn began working in Kainos twelve years ago as a placement student and is now the Tech Strategy Lead for Digital Services.

Code monkey versus Engineer?
12 May 2016 | Posted by Aislinn McBride

In BelTech this year I had the pleasure of co-organising a section ‘Software Engineering, not Coding’ with Dave Anderson, Director of Technology, Liberty IT Belfast.  It inspired the article below which encapsulates the theme of the session. What a joy it is to write code; it’s not just about writing if statements and while loops, it’s…