Alastair Allen
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I joined Kainos in 2001 after graduating from Queen’s University Belfast, spending several years working as a Software Engineer and subsequently a Solution Architect across a range of sectors including Government, Finance and Healthcare. I was a founding member of Evolve, Kainos’ flagship Electronic Medical Records product and am now completely focused on the Health industry. In my current position as the Evolve Chief Technology Officer I have overall technical responsibility for Evolve including setting future strategic direction and providing technical leadership both within Kainos and to its clients. You can find me on twitter @alastairallen for all things Health, Technology and Football.
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FHIR + openEHR
Fhir openehr 1
I recently presented at an openEHR event in London where I talked about my experience of working with FHIR and openEHR. You can check out a recording of my talk here, or if you would rather not listen to my strange Northern Irish accent for 20 minutes then read on for a summary of the…
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Why we chose Alfresco
When we set out to design our Mobile-Enabled Healthcare Platform one of the biggest decisions we made was to use Alfresco. Here’s why.
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The Evolve Constellation… a Glimpse of the Future
Constellation (noun) 1. Astronomy     a. any of various groups of stars to which definite names have been given…     b. the section of the heavens occupied by such a group. 2. A group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way. I recently blogged about Evolve…
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Designing a Medical Record App for the NHS
In January 2013, the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt set the challenge for the NHS to “go ‘paperless’ by 2018, to save billions, improve services and help meet the challenges of an ageing population”. In Evolve we strongly support Jeremy Hunt’s initiative and have been digitising patient records in the NHS for 5…
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