Bonnie Molins
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Bonnie is an Inclusive Design expert, leading the way at Kainos.
Bonnie's Posts
Could your website be making the impact of coronavirus worse?
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Until now, people excluded from accessing goods and services online might have been able to access them in person or on the phone. Now, coronavirus means shops are closed, face to face services are scarce and helplines are jammed.   In this piece, Bonnie Molins, Inclusive Design Principal at Kainos, stresses the need for digital services to be fully accessible now more than ever.
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Inclusive Design – how it’s done
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In the third part of the blog series, we’ll explore the realities of how Inclusive Design is done.
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Inclusive Design – One for all and all for one!
Read part 2 of our blog series on inclusive design.
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Diverse humans need diverse designs
In part one of our three part series on Inclusive Design we take a closer look at access needs.
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