Kelly Moore
Kelly joined Kainos in 2014 in her placement year as a Software Engineer. She has worked as part of the Applied Innovation team and has lead Kainos AppCamp and AICamp. Currently, she is working with machine learning technologies.
Kelly's Posts
Innovation: Staying ahead of the curve
Can manual tasks be replaced by intelligent machines? Can user experience be enhanced in real time by an algorithm?
Kainos pictures 30 09 2016 nr 2000px 59
Businesses are born out of innovation, but today with disruptive technologies, the average lifespan of a company has dropped by 77%
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Mentoring the iOS developers of the future
Kelly, Graduate Software Engineer discusses working at Kainos for the first year of her career in IT.
“I think I’ve learnt more in one week of AppCamp than in a whole year of uni” – A quote from one of our AppCampers this year, and no, we didn’t make her say that! How I got here… After an amazing placement year with Kainos where I got many opportunities and gained much more experience…
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