Maire Mullin
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Maire is a Marketing Executive at Kainos
Maire's Posts
Kainos Showcases Immersive VR Hazard Perception Test with DVSA
Htc event
Vision for the future of Driver Theory Tests demoed at HTC Vive Pro Eye event in London
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East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust goes live with Kainos’ EMR-as-a-Service
Kainos has announced the successful implementation of its cloud managed Evolve Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with ESNEFT.
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Kainos and Skeyos create ground-breaking cloud-based aviation eCommerce platform
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Kainos has announced a successful collaboration with Skeyos to create a ground-breaking cloud-based eCommerce solution.
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Design Thinking at Kainos
Kainos’ Chief Design Officer, Nikos Karaoulanis discusses his new role as he tells us about why design is so important in the services Kainos offer.
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