Stephen Anderson
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Stephen is just another typical surfer / musician / programmer from Durban, South Africa. He joined Kainos as a Senior Software Engineer in April 2015 and has been working on a variety of NICS projects in our Enterprise business unit. He thinks his job is too much fun to call it work.
Stephen's Posts
My experience of the CukeUp 2016 BDD conference
CukeUp! 2016 - the progressive BDD conference for testers, devs and product owners
Perhaps the simplest short description that I have come across to describe Behaviour-Driven Development is by Margaret Rouse: “Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is a software development methodology in which an application is specified and designed by describing how its behaviour should appear to an outside observer. A typical business application project would begin by having stakeholders…
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NICS ICT 2015 Hackathon
Helping people find government services and events close to them
Kainos sponsored the Hackathon at the Northern Ireland Civil Service ICT Conference 2015 where five teams had 24 hours solve a real-world problem faced by the public sector. Stephen Anderson, a Senior Software Engineer at Kainos, was one of the developers who took part in this inaugural event, and this is his story. The NICS…
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