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Cloud transformation in FSI – why strategies get stuck and the key to successful cloud transformations
Exclusive Q and A with Des Ryan, Director of Solutions and Sales at Microsoft Ireland
Des ryan
We recently had a virtual chat with Des Ryan, Director of Solutions and Sales from Microsoft Ireland about cloud transformations in FSI organisations. He discusses why FSI cloud transformation strategies tend to get stuck, the key steps to make them successful and how to move beyond ‘lift and shift’ to modernisation projects that can improve…
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Blog series: becoming an MLOps expert (2)
PART 2: how to unlock the key benefits
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In my first blog, we introduced the concept of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). Now, we will go through the benefits of applying MLOps – which are considerable.       Using MLOps to unlock much faster ML project delivery MLOps reduces overall project times in several ways: Handovers are quicker. Having a documented process makes it easier for…
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How FSI organisations can unlock the true potential of their cloud investment and stay ahead of the competition
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The Financial Services industry is experiencing unprecedented competition. Not only from traditional providers but also the new entrants from retail, big technology and others. To transform, profit and grow, FSI organisations need to create new customer engagements, find new ways to generate revenue and continue to reduce expenses. Let’s not kid ourselves either, it’s not…
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Blog series: Becoming an MLOps Expert (1)
PART 1: how to get started
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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing year-on-year. Within this, research shows that Machine Learning (ML) applications and platforms account for almost two-thirds of all AI investment¹. For those with the skills, tools and understanding, ML represents a significant market advantage that will increase over time, as leaders find new applications for the technology, propelling…
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How I Adapted to the Current COVID Environment as a Grad User Researcher
Navigating as a Graduate during the pandemic COVID has had an impact on everyone across the world and it has been impossible to avoid the topic. I’m fortunate enough to not have had to experience the serious physical health implications related to this awful virus but, living through this uncertain environment as a final year…
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Awards success: The Isolation Note Service for the NHS
Isolation note
At the start of the pandemic the Kainos NHS App team, where I am the Delivery Manager, were asked to help deliver the Isolation Note Service for NHS Digital. This is a service allowing the public to certify absence from work due to COVID-19 via NHS111 Online. It’s available UK-wide, and more than 2 million…
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Prioritising developer productivity using cloud-native development and Kubernetes
Online video meeting
Now more than ever, businesses are reliant on digital services and the ability to quickly pivot to meet changing demands. The use of cloud services is increasingly a key factor in being able to successfully pivot to meet those demands owing to the sophistication, availability and scalability of platform-native services. Critically important to delivering change…
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How to use AWS Savings Plan and Reserved Instances to reduce your cloud costs
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More and more workloads are shifting to the cloud. This is a good thing for customers as they can benefit from greater security, reliability, and accessibility to their systems but it all comes at a cost. Most customers understand that operating in the cloud can seem expensive but when you weigh it up against on-premise…
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Calling people “people” – building culture through putting people first
Our Cloud Technology Lead Caoimhin shares his experience of what makes Kainos special
Our Cloud Technology Lead Caoimhin shares his experience of what makes Kainos special I’ve worked for Kainos for quite a while (in my case since 2006 straight from placement year at University) but that’s not that unusual amongst my colleagues – we tend to be in it for the long haul. As an architect within…
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Microsoft Ignite 2021: My interview on accessibility life hacks
Msignite 21 connell
I was delighted to be asked by Dona Sarkar, Microsoft Dev Manager and Ignite host, to do a live interview for Microsoft Ignite 2021. It came about after Dona tweeted asking how disabled/neurodiverse folk are using tech, and I explained how useful the automatic captioning in Teams is for me while on calls with customers…
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