In this new blog series, hear from one of our technical recruiters on engineering and what it means to us here at Kainos.

Engineering at Kainos – what’s it all about? Ever wonder who is there behind the scenes, building the teams? Well, in this new blog series you’ll get some insight into that, and where our expertise in the field begins.

I suppose I should start with a bit about the who and the why I’m writing this series. Well, the who is me; Mark a technical recruiter with Kainos working as part of the engineering recruitment team.  The why is because I enjoy writing and debunking the jargon and myths surrounding today’s companies, and understanding what they actually do in real terms.

A good starting point therefore is an explanation of the core Kainos Digital Services business that anyone can understand and perhaps take an active interest in. This is the field I specialise in at Kainos, and where my passion lies.  

Who are we?

In basic terms we are a global provider of digital services and platforms, who perform ‘difficult digital transformation projects’ on all scales.  This means we take old analogue or manual processes and bring this forward into the digital (computer) age for ease of use by the end user (customer) – a recent example being the digitisation of the online MOT booking system.

What do we do?

These projects can take the form of smaller discovery projects (will it work?) that can last around six months, up to two years for larger full-scale design and implementation.  The larger the project the more ‘Scrum teams’ (more to follow on this topic in one of my upcoming posts!) needed on the ‘job’.  The teams are made up of both permanent technical employees and some IT contractors depending on project needs and timescales. Most of the time we deliver these for our client on site as this works more effectively for all parties, but we have a number of distributed Agile teams around the world too. As you can imagine – there’s a lot going on here and the diversity of our projects is vast.

Who we work with depends on who needs our skills and where we can help amongst other factors. Our business mix consists largely of Public Sector projects and a growing share of Private Sector work including major online retailers and booking platforms. Along with our planned employee growth we also hope to further increase our private client work in the new financial year.

As an introduction this won’t be anything new to most employees of Kainos, but it may help explain what we are about to your networks.  As these blogs develop more technical content and explanations of these in real terms will be prominent. 

What to expect in the next post

I’m going to be sharing my knowledge, expertise and opinions in a few blog posts over the next few months, and hopefully you’ll get some real insight into what we do here and how our recruitment processes really help drive the business too. My next post will be on Software Development and Engineering – what actually is it?

Thinking about a new career? Find out more about more about engineering at Kainos here.