Once again, Kainos has proved it is not only on the cutting edge of digital technology, but is setting the industry standard as one of the UK’s ‘Best Places to Work’. For the fourth consecutive year, the company has built on its workplace practises prioritising employee progression, happiness and training. As a result, its score has risen, and Kainos has been awarded a highly sought after three star rating by Best Companies. The company will find out its place in the top 100 at an awards ceremony on 25th February in London.

Kainos’ portfolio of initiatives, launched in 2015, is not limited to furthering the already highly-rated technical competencies of its staff. Initiatives to improve employee wellbeing – such as the innovative ‘Skills for Me’ programme, which offers time and funding to employees to explore personal interests and hobbies – sit side by side with the ambitious Kainos Map training programme, which was launched in 2015. Map enables employees at every level to benefit from tailor-made training in topics ranging from presentation skills to in-depth technical courses – ensuring that Kainos staff continue to combine technical excellence with well-honed softer skills. A key element of Map comprises an intensive management and leadership development programme, assisting people in becoming future leaders and managers within the company.

“We believe that an engaged workforce of talented people is key to any happy and successful workplace,” commented Colette Kidd, Head of Talent Development at Kainos. “Every year Kainos goes from strength to strength, with innovative projects in both public and private sectors. We are continually driven to find and train the talented people to contribute to that on-going innovation and do work they’re truly proud of. The success of the company is the success of the people and we’re very happy to be formally recognised for that.”