Stoke Mandeveille Hospital - Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Stoke Mandeveille Hospital – Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

London, UK – 06th June, 2013 – Thriving technology company Kainos has secured yet another major new contract win for its acclaimed electronic medical records solution, Evolve EMR, this time with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

The project is the latest in a long line of prestigious NHS Trust wins for Kainos, with first users in Buckinghamshire Healthcare going live on the Evolve system in October this year. By March 2014 all 4,600 users across the Trust are expected to have full access to digitised patient records and automated processes.

The procurement included the delivery of a rapid proof-of-concept phase – a quick and powerful low-cost implementation of Evolve designed to encourage clinical user engagement and accelerate project delivery. The success of this exercise has led to Kainos offering a similar Rapid Digital Clinics Programme to Trusts across the NHS.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is an integrated Trust, serving a population of over half a million patients, providing acute hospital services at Stoke Mandeville, Wycombe and Amersham, as well as extensive community services.

Explaining the Trust’s reasons for requesting the Rapid Digital Clinics Programme, Julie Burnham, Senior Project Manager for Medical Records in its Business Solutions Team, cites the Government’s goal of a paperless NHS by 2018. She says, “Other Trusts have taken a year or longer to roll out these kinds of systems, we however want to drive forward with full implementation in the shortest possible timescale in order to deliver the high number of benefits that this solution will offer.”

Through this implementation we want to ensure the highest standards of care and patient safety in the most cost effective way.” Currently, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust manages 160,000 paper-based patient files in two large medical records libraries on its premises, and the same volume again in off-site storage facilities.

Initially Kainos partner Hugh Symons will provide a back-scanning service to digitise current patient records. Kainos will simultaneously work with the Trust to establish its own centralised scanning facility by October, by which time the first clinical speciality, Respiratory Medicine, will be live on the Evolve system. Evolve will then be rolled out to Ophthalmics, then Trauma and Orthopaedics, then to all other departments in the Trust. “By then any clinician will be able to log on and access any scanned-in record using Trust PCs or iPads,” Julie says.

Kainos, selected from a shortlist of five suppliers, was an immediate forerunner for the project. Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Richard Smith, the senior responsible officer for the EMR project, says, “It was clear from the outset that Evolve was much more than a document management system; it provided a range of ways to add notes and other clinical information. In the demos everyone liked the look and feel of Evolve, and it was obvious that clinicians had been involved in developing the system.”

“Evolve scored very highly on functionality,” he adds. “It comes with development tools so we can adapt the system to our own needs. The electronic forms and e-Discharge capabilities are impressive too.”

It was imperative that the chosen system could integrate with the Trust’s existing systems, including the Millennium PAS from Cerner and the RiO community system from CSE Healthcare Systems. Future plans include mobile access to digital records using Kainos Evolve for iPads to enable mobile off line working out in the community.

Commenting on the win, Richard Doyle, Head of Evolve Sales at Kainos, said, “Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has big ambitions and an agenda to get the Evolve technology out to clinicians and administrators in the shortest possible timeframe. Our Rapid Digital Clinics proof of concept and accelerated rollout allows for exactly this scenario and we look forward to helping the Trust meet its targets.”