After the storming success of our 1st public meetup, Let’s Talk Product came to Birmingham on a very wet May evening.  The evening was positively buzzing as product people from all around Birmingham joined us to learn about how we do discoveries. 

In true agile style we iterated on the first version using valuable feedback from our guests we adapted the format.


The talks were all focused on discovery, from an example of Product Managers being utilised to strategise and hypothesise business issues to detailed information on how to apply a lean methodology, finally wrapping with insight into how to complete discovery and build a roadmap on a live service.

Guest speaker: Julia Bellis from Equal Experts

Title: ‘Delivery driven discovery, or why your product teams are wasted on delivery’

Julia joined us to share her experience from her time working at The Guardian.  Her team were empowered to discover new business models to support the digital transformation of the traditional newspaper using a cross functional team; hypothesise, user research and test ideas.  The membership model was adopted by the business and supported the struggling newspaper giant to return a profit.  The experimental mindset of a discovery is much more valuable to a business and has much broader scope than purely digital delivery.

Lean start-up & Discovery on a live service

Jayti & Chirag’s talks were so popular the first time around that they were kind enough to run them again from Birmingham.  If you’d like a recap on their talks take a look here.

The panel

Armed with a throwable microphone and a wall of questions from the audience I quizzed our trusty panel to provide the answers to life, the universe and everything else (well discovery and product related at least).  The panel was made up of Julia, Chirag, Jayti and Abi between them holding xx years of product expertise and seeing how engaged the audience were it was clear how much knowledge was in the room!

Let’s Talk Product meetups

Let’s Talk Product is all about sharing and discussing the best methods in product management to create products and services that make life better for users.

We’ll be running more events at our offices around the country with guest speakers from the product community.

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