Digital solutions company Kainos has announced its role in the launch of a new Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) digital service for GB drivers.  Kainos led the development of the software solution that will allow residents to view the details of their driving licence records online. The View Driving Licence (VDL) service is hosted on the Agency’s new secure, cloud-based Integrated Enquiry Platform (IEP), which also allows insurance companies access to accurate, up-to-date driver details in real time.

VDL will be one of the highest profile online services launched by the government so far, with a potential user base of 45m GB drivers. It also has the potential to be one of the busiest, designed to process up to 300 requests every second, and as many as half a billion driving licence enquiries every year.

The new DVLA service is one of 25 Government Digital Services (GDS) exemplar projects, selected to showcase the power of agile software development methodologies and use of open source tools. It is also one of the first online developments to use the government’s new Identity Assurance service to prevent unauthorised access to driving licence records.

“We identified a need for operational and efficiency savings, which meant moving away from expensive, older IT systems. We also wanted to offer a faster and better service to GB drivers,” said Rohan Gye, DVLA Service Manager.

“To develop a secure digital service we knew that we would need a supplier that understood the government’s ‘digital by default’ standard, and that could point to a strong track record in delivering GDS exemplar projects,” he added. “Kainos met these criteria, and together we have delivered the new service on-time and to-budget.”

“We are extremely pleased that our collaboration with such a prestigious Agency as the DVLA has been so successful. We are proud to have been instrumental in developing a solution that will help both the DVLA and the UK taxpayer, and we look forward to working on other innovative digital projects in government,” commented Kainos’ Nigel Lynas, Government Digital Account Lead.

To find out more about the View Driving Licence (VDL) service, please visit the DVLA Digital Blog