Wound Assessment FormWhen you think of the information for a patient, I am sure you think of stockpiles of paper. Shelving full of blank forms for this, and letters sent out for that. It doesn’t however have to be like this.

Evolve’s eForms & Workflow offering, unlike a lot other applications, puts the control back with the Trusts. It allows the creation and configuration of eForms and workflow to meet Trust’s local requirements, supporting CQUIN/QIPP initiatives, in a way that is quick to develop. A drag and drop interface supports the development of these forms, which can be designed by the clinical and business experts with minimal technical skills. Assistance from the IT department can be called upon as required, not the other way round.

For me, this flexibility and power is what makes Evolve exciting. I go in, meet some of a trust. By day’s end, a clinic is paperless, by month’s end potentially an entire department. What’s even more exciting is, not only can I sleep well at night knowing another few trees are saved, (eco-warrior that I am), but these eForms increase the efficiency of Trusts, and boost the quality of patient care. Before, key clinical information was trapped on paper, until someone reads through the tome that is a patient record. This changes when information is entered to these eForms. Now, it has become live and reusable. We can build sophisticated reports to trend patient diagnosis, we can plot an individual’s current and past results onto a chart, or even audit the number of patients with abnormal results. Now, as a patient is assessed, an eForm can calculate they should be referred to the Cardiac Risk team. The fields on a form can have validation to ensure accurate and clinically correct information is being captured.

Hopefully you can see the potential impact. I look forward to the day when I go into a hospital, and someone pulls out their iPad or laptop, and starts filling out one of these eForms.

Hopefully, with Evolve, that day is now.