Careers In Tech
Software Engineering and beyond
Read Tharack’s story on his first year at Kainos in this new blog post.
How I became a Content Designer
Content design is a relatively new discipline in IT. Find out more about it from one of our senior designers.
Passing your driving test
Tracy shares her thoughts on stepping into a product leader role, compared with passing a driving test.
How to guide #3: Short Story Mapping
As a consultant, there’s nothing more intimidating than a huge blank white wall, waiting to be covered with user stories. We’ve made a series of short videos, demystifying some key areas of Agile and introducing some of our consultants and product professionals. In this new video, Chris will map the process from the very beginning…
Mentoring Trainees – what I got from the experience
Lead Software Engineer Chris shares his experience of mentoring trainees in one of our development programmes!
Writing a CV that recruiters will notice
Looking to progress your career in IT? Find out more about writing the perfect tech CV from one of our recruitment specialists.
Mentoring the iOS developers of the future
“I think I’ve learnt more in one week of AppCamp than in a whole year of uni” – A quote from one of our AppCampers this year, and no, we didn’t make her say that! How I got here… After an amazing placement year with Kainos where I got many opportunities and gained much more experience…
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