Data Science
Kainos & Microsoft: Bringing more women into Data Science
Kainos hosted a one-day bootcamp in Birmingham to help women pursue a new, rewarding and creative career in Data Science.
My experience as a Data Scientist
Advanced Analytics, Data Science, ML and AI… These buzzwords are used so frequently but what is it really like to work in this field?
Kainos & Microsoft offer women a new way into Data Science
On International Women’s Day, Kainos is partnering with Microsoft to help attract and upskill women seeking to return to work.
Apache Spark
  Apache Spark is one of the biggest reasons that data analytics is such an exciting area of work for technologists such as myself right now. It’s hugely popular, with the most active community of any open source big data project currently in development. So, this post is an overview of Spark, the problems that it solves…
Data Science
In this post, I’m turning my attention to the often misunderstood term “Data Science” and what it actually means to businesses today in a practical sense. I would argue that a clear understanding of the business applications of advanced analytical techniques is one of the biggest gaps currently facing their widespread adoption. From a delivery perspective there is the need for data…
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