Data Science
Blog series: becoming an MLOps expert (2)
In my first blog, we introduced the concept of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). Now, we will go through the benefits of applying MLOps – which are considerable.       Using MLOps to unlock much faster ML project delivery MLOps reduces overall project times in several ways: Handovers are quicker. Having a documented process makes it easier for…
Blog series: Becoming an MLOps Expert (1)
Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing year-on-year. Within this, research shows that Machine Learning (ML) applications and platforms account for almost two-thirds of all AI investment¹. For those with the skills, tools and understanding, ML represents a significant market advantage that will increase over time, as leaders find new applications for the technology, propelling…
MLOps: the Kainos approach to bringing DevOps productivity to your Machine Learning teams
Our MLOps one-pager explains how you can move faster by transforming the operational gains from data science by adopting ML. Read the one-pager to find out more. To find out more about our MLOps offering and how we’re helping enterprise customers realise their ambitions click here.
Kainos achieves AWS Machine Learning Competency status
25 AUGUST 2020 – Kainos announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning (ML) Competency status. One of the first AWS UK partners to achieve this designation, it recognises Kainos for delivering solutions on AWS that enable predictive capabilities within customer applications. Achieving the AWS ML Competency recognises Kainos as an…
Kainos and Defra team up to host Microsoft data science bootcamp for women
As part of a wider programme of events to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, and to attract and upskill women in technology, Kainos is hosting a free Data Science bootcamp in conjunction with its customer, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). To be held in Kainos’ Birmingham office on Thursday 21st…
Kainos & Microsoft: Bringing more women into Data Science
Kainos hosted a one-day bootcamp in Birmingham to help women pursue a new, rewarding and creative career in Data Science.
My experience as a Data Scientist
Advanced Analytics, Data Science, ML and AI… These buzzwords are used so frequently but what is it really like to work in this field?
Kainos & Microsoft offer women a new way into Data Science
On International Women’s Day, Kainos is partnering with Microsoft to help attract and upskill women seeking to return to work.
Apache Spark
  Apache Spark is one of the biggest reasons that data analytics is such an exciting area of work for technologists such as myself right now. It’s hugely popular, with the most active community of any open source big data project currently in development. So, this post is an overview of Spark, the problems that it solves…
Data Science
In this post, I’m turning my attention to the often misunderstood term “Data Science” and what it actually means to businesses today in a practical sense. I would argue that a clear understanding of the business applications of advanced analytical techniques is one of the biggest gaps currently facing their widespread adoption. From a delivery perspective there is the need for data…
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