London – UK – May 3rd, 2013 – Thriving technology company Kainos has today unveiled its latest video opening our eyes to the cloud and the many different ways to approach it.

As you might expect given its track record for innovation, Kainos has been close to cloud action right from the beginning – just as it is to anything that might offer an advantage to its customers. And cloud certainly offers that in the right circumstances.

As Cloud-based technology platforms continue to mature, organisations of all shapes and sizes are becoming increasingly interested in the potential benefits for their own unique circumstances.

Being a systems integration specialist first and foremost, and with over 25 years’ experience of handling some of the most complex technical challenges facing its customers, Kainos is ideally positioned to prepare organisations for the cloud.

The short video takes a light-hearted look at cloud identifying three types of approaches, typically found amongst its clients; those that are ready to dip a toe in the water; those that have identified a particular application that could work well in the cloud –so selectively interested; and those that have some experience under their belt, and they’re feeling bolder – ready to move core business systems into the cloud.

Take a look at the video today and let us know what you think.