The world of business is changing faster than ever. Digital start-ups are re-shaping long established industries with innovative business models and services that better meet customers’ needs. Companies that fail to respond to the challenge are falling by the wayside, with many high street names amongst the list of casualties.

In his talk at this year’s Agile on the Beach, Kainos Consultant Marc Heasman discussed the drivers for digital transformation, including the use of Agile to achieve the business flexibility required in the digital age. Highlighting the increasing use of mobile, it outlined the changing expectations of customers in how services are delivered and illustrate the impact on those businesses that have failed to respond. Then, drawing from the practices of some of the world’s most successful digital businesses, he described the key features now increasingly essential to business survival, covering:

  • Customer focus
  • Service agility
  • Data exploitation
  • Technology maximization
  • Systematic innovation
  • Digital skills
  • Experimental culture

Watch Kainos’ Marc Heasman deliver his talk ‘Being Agile’ at this summer’s Agile on the Beach  conference, held in Penryn, Cornwall.

Marc is a leader in digital transformation and has a strong background in public service strategy and delivery. Having led Agile development on one of the Government’s 25 exemplar digital programmes, he combines practical experience with academic study from the Academy of Digital Business Leaders. He joined Kainos in September 2015 and is currently supporting DVSA’s digital transformation of its MOT Testing Service.