In this new interview we chat to our Workday Core Financials Lead Zac, who has recently moved to the States and is working in our Workday Practice there. Find out how he got his first experience with Workday and why Kainos passes his ‘lottery test’!

What was your career path into working in Workday?

I had a variety of odd jobs before I began my journey with Workday. I worked as a restaurant server, as a grocery clerk, as a translator- (Spanish and German) and as a personal trainer! I’m still a pretty big fitness enthusiast, so I spend a lot of my free time at the gym now that my professional life is taken up with Workday!

I had the good fortune of starting with Workday almost immediately out of university! I started with one of the big consultancies in Germany (as an expat), and after an initial stint working with SAP, I started working in the US with Workday.

What does an average day look like for you in your role?

In short – there is no average day in my role! It’s all over the place. Sometimes it’s presales activities to bring in new business. Sometimes it’s people management. However, the majority of my time is spent in project delivery. Project delivery does include some configuration, but it’s mostly working with customers to solve complex issues. It involves things such as whiteboarding sessions and abstract conversations in order to understand and work through pain points.

Describe a highlight of your time at Kainos so far.

Oh goodness… there are many to choose from! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some interesting places throughout the US and Europe, which has been exciting. However, I would say one of the most interesting highlights was my first Kick-Off Event in Gdansk when I was located in Germany. It was an exciting opportunity to meet the broader team, and it was a great demonstration of how interesting and diverse Kainos is.

What appealed to you most about a career at Kainos?

When assessing a job, I like to assess it against the “lottery test,” which means that I like to ask myself if I would still work that job if I won a lottery jackpot.

Kainos is the only place I’ve worked that passed that test, and I think the reason lies in the underlying culture of the company. Kainos understands the importance of placing value on people’s time outside of work and works hard to foster a sustainable work environment that doesn’t lead to burnout.

Sure, there’s pressure, but the pressure I feel at Kainos is rooted in the fact that we take pride in the quality of our work. I never dread starting work on a Monday because I know I’ll get to address complex issues and deliver work that will ultimately be recognised and appreciated.

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