Alexey Drozdetskiy
Alexey is Head of Data Science at Kainos. He has implemented and led multiple successful projects from Pre-Sales and Advisory to Production and Managed Services for clients ranging from small organisations to FTSE100 companies. He holds a PhD in Particle Physics with a 20+ year career in science and big data. Alexey has authored and co-authored dozens of refereed papers including development of some widely used Machine Learning and statistical algorithms.
Alexey's Posts
Blog series: becoming an MLOps expert (2)
PART 2: how to unlock the key benefits
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In my first blog, we introduced the concept of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). Now, we will go through the benefits of applying MLOps – which are considerable.       Using MLOps to unlock much faster ML project delivery MLOps reduces overall project times in several ways: Handovers are quicker. Having a documented process makes it easier for…
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Blog series: Becoming an MLOps Expert (1)
PART 1: how to get started
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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing year-on-year. Within this, research shows that Machine Learning (ML) applications and platforms account for almost two-thirds of all AI investment¹. For those with the skills, tools and understanding, ML represents a significant market advantage that will increase over time, as leaders find new applications for the technology, propelling…
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