Chris Cartin
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Chris has been with Kainos for 19 years is a consultant working as business analyst in our government digital projects.
Chris's Posts
How to guide #3: Short Story Mapping
As a consultant, there’s nothing more intimidating than a huge blank white wall, waiting to be covered with user stories. We’ve made a series of short videos, demystifying some key areas of Agile and introducing some of our consultants and product professionals. In this new video, Chris will map the process from the very beginning…
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Working with Verify
As a consultant working on a UK Government Exemplar project, one of the most interesting areas of work was the integration with .GOV Verify (then IDA). At that time there were very few other government services making use of Verify and the on-boarding process was less defined, so delivering the integration was a great opportunity…
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Agile Standups for consultants
Belfast standup
Daily Standup meetings have always been a regular feature of our agile projects and are increasingly being adopted by projects which aren’t strictly agile. A short daily catchup can be an invaluable tool, allowing team members to keep each other updated and identify any obstacles to them completing their tasks. I’ve found that development teams are very…
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