Davey McGlade
Davey McGlade is a Principal Architect and Cyber Capability Lead who has been with Kainos for 12 years. Davey branched into Cyber Security around 4 years ago, after completing an MSc in Applied Cyber Security. His focus is on building security engineering practices into projects, and this approach has been successfully applied within several high-profile Public, Healthcare and Commercial sector programmes. Davey has spoken about security at several UK conferences, and recently attended a US State Department programme to the US with senior cybersecurity representatives from across the UK government and private industry to cover critical national infrastructure security.
Davey's Posts
Unified Security
Website security
How can we help improve security within Digital Services
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Cyber incident detection for Electronic Medical Record System
Kainos 3
David recently completed an MSc in Applied Cyber Security with Queen’s University Belfast, this post explains his project.
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Continuous Risk Assessments?
David McGlade explains his suggested approach for Continuous Risk Assessment.
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Build vs. Buy – what to do?
As a developer or architect, you’ll often be faced with a problem that you need to address for a customer, for example, maybe you need to search across data stores, or have some form of workflow* or even store content. How do you solve it? Inevitably the question becomes one of ‘should we build something’…
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Let’s talk about considering the implications
‘Implications’ are the expected (and unexpected) effects that are applied to your current situation, either after you change something or intend to change something about that situation. As software professionals we all need to be better at considering implications when we propose an approach, design or technology, and as a software developer specifically hoping to…
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Why did we run Kainos CodeCamp?
Just as Kainos CodeCamp has drawn to a close, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about why we wanted to run such an initiative. Maybe you’re a young person wondering what to do with your future? Perhaps you’re a parent wondering how your son or daughter will ever find a job in…
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Introducing Kainos CodeCamp: Improving the nation’s digital skills while inspiring young people to pursue a career in IT
Next week, an influential group of Government, business and NGO leaders will meet in London for the ND13: Going Digital conference, with the aim of exploring ways to improve the nation’s digital skillset as well as online citizen centric services. A number of people from Kainos are attending the event next week, with our Head…
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