Thomas Thornton
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Currently an Azure Technical Specialist in the Platforms Capability
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Microsoft OpenHack DevOps Paris
Wrap up from the OpenHack event in Paris
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Microsoft Ignite – UK Tour
Thoughts on the Microsoft Ignite UK Tour event in the London Excel arena.
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Securing your secrets using Azure Key Vault and Virtual Machine Managed Identity
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In this, I will be detailing the process of implementing a secure use of Key Vault with this virtual machine and how Identity Management can be used to retrieve secrets.
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Azure Managed Identities
Keeping credentials safe and secure has always been a priority, even more so when in the cloud.
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Azure Action Groups – What are they?
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Action Groups within Azure are a group of notification preferences and/or actions which are used by both Azure Monitor and service alerts.
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Azure Network Security Groups: 10 suggestions for best practice!
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As mentioned in a previous blog – NSG’s control access by permitting or denying network traffic in a number of ways.
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Microsoft Future Decoded 2018
AI and how maximising that opportunity, could shape technology into an even better place!
Looking back at my two days at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event.
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Azure Gateway VPN & Custom Routing via Third-Party Firewall Appliance
Within your Azure Virtual Network (vNET) you may require connectivity from an additional source, options available include:- vNET Peer VPN Gateway ExpressRoute Gateway vNET Peer Common connection method for theoretically peering onto another Azure vNET, routing is done via the the Microsoft backbone and to the end user it will look like an extension of…
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Microsoft Azure: NSGs & ASGs Simplified
NSG’s (Network Security Group) & ASG’s (Application Security Group) are the main Azure Resources that are used to administrate and control network traffic within a virtual network (vNET). The difference Network Security Group is the Azure Resource that you will use to enforce and control the network traffic with, whereas Application Security Group is an…
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Microsoft Azure:- Using PowerBI to visualise NSG flow logs
Microsoft PowerBI is a suite of business analytic tools developed by Microsoft that works together to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights – in theory, taking a dump of data and making it rather colourful and useful? How could I say no! Go from data to insights in minutes….
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