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How Kubernetes helped to win a Nobel Prize… and how can anyone reperform that discovery on their own using the Public Cloud
Kubernetes is the most widely used and universal container orchestrator. What that means is that it is becoming a standard solution to deploy and manage containerized applications in any cloud or on-premise. It can manage thousands of nodes (computers) and treat them as any number of clusters. It makes deploying and running applications on top…
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Earn as you Learn… everything you need to know before you apply!
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Thinking of applying for Earn as you Learn, our apprenticeship scheme where school leavers study for a degree in Computing Systems part time, while getting valuable real-world experience while they do it? We interviewed some of the students to find the answers to the questions you need! James Wright – Year 1 What does a…
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Big Data Belfast 2019: one Software Engineer’s experience
Big data
Read this write up on Big Data Belfast from one of our innovation software engineers.
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What happened on the 9th floor this summer
Birmingham Engineering Academy 2019
Read this new post about our first ever Birmingham Engineering Academy, written by one of the grads!
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Four weeks at the User Experience and User Research Training Academy 2019
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Read this post about the Design training academy held in September
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My path to Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Read this new post from Chloe, one of our grads who is carving out a place for herself as a bright spark in the world of AI.
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[Kainos + Telensa] x Aston University Design Week
Read about what our design and innovation teams got up to when they mentored at Aston Product Design Week 19!
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Lightweight architectures for integration projects
Organisation transformation often results in large software integration projects, which include several systems exchanging data to provide proper services to users.
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Driven by Reinforcement Learning – a day at AICamp
AI Camp takes on the AWS DeepRacer
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AI Camp takes on the AWS DeepRacer
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Intelligent buildings and building intelligently
Constructionsite 942146
As part of Microsoft’s IOT Partner programme, I was speaking at IOT in Action this week, where the focus was construction and engineering.
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