The rapid advances in serverless technologies available via the public cloud are dynamically changing how we architect, develop and operate software solutions, so it’s important that we ensure our people are skilled in these new methods and approaches. 

I am delighted to lead an exciting internal hack on Friday the 15th of February which will take place across multiple locations, bringing people together from all disciplines. On hand during the day will be our serverless evangelists who will first educate and then support the teams as they create their solutions. 

Whilst the event is to educate and bring people together, it will also encourage creativity and free thinking, and will no doubt produce some innovative serverless solutions. We are delighted to welcome Martin Woodward, Principal Group Program Manager for Azure DevOps at Microsoft, to judge the event and award prizes.

There will be more to come after, so look out for the next blog where we will show some of our creations.

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