London, UK – June 11th, 2013 – Thriving technology company Kainos has announced the launch of a pioneering Rapid Digital Clinics Programme to expedite the proof-of-concept and subsequent rollout of its acclaimed Evolve EMR® digital medical records solution at NHS Trusts.

NHS Trusts across the UK are embracing EMR systems with growing urgency as the Government increases the pressure for a more efficient and joined-up health service. This must be underpinned by slick, reliable electronic processes and on-demand access to complete, up-to-date patient information. The latest mandate, issued by the Government earlier this year, is that trusts are paperless by 2018.

Evolve EMR allows clinicians access to digitised case notes from any location, via a web-based portal, iPad app or existing electronic patient record (EPR) system.

The Rapid Digital Clinics Programme, available from the public sector G-Cloud, offers a low-cost, low-risk way for clinical staff and senior management to experience the benefits of going digital across the Trust over a six-week period. Using scanners and mobile (iPad) technology provided by Kainos, trusts can establish live clinics within just 2 weeks.

Commenting on the launch, Richard Doyle, Head of Evolve Sales at Kainos, said, “Healthcare providers can no longer afford to wait for a year or more to start seeing the benefits of digitised records access and electronic workflow. Severe budget pressures mean they need to establish new levels of efficiency as a priority, while making patient records more readily available. Our Rapid Digital Clinics Programme provides a quick and painless yet very powerful proof-of-concept so that business cases can be finalised and deployments vastly accelerated.”

The 6-week Rapid Digital Clinics Pilot covers:

  • Initiation & preparation – determining which clinics to digitise, configuring the Evolve solution, training clinical staff and creating barcoded & electronic forms.
  • Running of live clinics – using Evolve to access the scanned patient case notes from both iPads and PCs for a large selection of patients visiting clinics across multiple specialties, either on or off the trust site.
  • Floor-walking support – ensuring staff can easily transition to running a paperless clinic for information access and capture.
  • Showcase days – presenting the Evolve solution to the wider trust to help engage the user community and encourage feedback.
  • Pilot report and sign-off – presenting findings and an overall assessment from the pilot back to the senior staff team/board, helping them understand the benefits that can be realised from moving to paperless case notes.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust was the instigator of this fast-track scheme and reports that the option has proved crucial in getting its ambitious end-to-end EMR project underway quickly. The success of this exercise with Buckinghamshire provided the impetus for Kainos to offer a similar Rapid Digital Clinics Programme to Trusts across the NHS.

Explaining the Trust’s reasons for embarking on the Rapid Digital Clinics Programme, Julie Burnham, Senior Project Manager for Medical Records in Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trusts’ Business Solutions Team, cites the Government’s goal of a paperless NHS by 2018. She says, “Other Trusts have taken a year or longer to roll out these kinds of systems, we however wanted to drive forward with full implementation in the shortest possible timescale in order to deliver the high number of benefits that this solution will offer.”

By as soon as February or March next year it is expected that all 4,600 users across the integrated Trust will have full access to digitised patient records and processes, thanks to the expedited proof-of-concept and accelerated rollout.

Learn more about the Evolve Rapid Digital Clinics Programme.