Two of the Kainos team presented at February’s ProductTank event, held in the MAC and sponsored by Kainos.

The Foundation for Awesome – Why building digital services means more than just the things a user sees

Peter Campbell – CTO, Kainos: When building digital services and software for mass audiences, it’s more than just the things that users interact with that can mean the difference between success and failure. Rory will talk about these things, and what you as a product person (or otherwise) can do to make sure you don’t forget about them!

User Research for the public sector

Josephine Farr – User Researcher, Kainos: A brief overview of what user research is and is not, and an explanation of why user research is so compatible with working in the public sector

Josephine Farr, Kainos

Josephine Farr, Kainos

Peter Campbell, Kainos