Working in the NHS is inspiring because I get to work with very talented individuals who really care about the solutions that we are implementing. Bringing the cumulative experience I have gathered over 3 years working in NHS Health Records (across Northern Ireland, England and Wales), it is a real pleasure to guide these focused people through the digitisation process.

Recently, I have been working with two separate Trusts/Boards to implement the Evolve Rapid Digital Clinics Programme that we are now offering. This involves getting onsite, rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in to deliver live digital notes and eForms to clinicians in a live clinic! Oh yeah, and all within 6 weeks.

After a few weeks all departments can see real, measurable benefits from Evolve. Health Records are involved very early in scanning and planning for the future, and Clinicians are very much on-board and constantly evaluating the solution.

The first step is getting a Scanning Bureau set up and getting some sample patient notes to work with. The Health Records managers work to define our digital case note structure and then we start scanning. Within 3 days we can have notes live across the trust via the Evolve web desktop and mobile via our iPad application. We then select clinics, patients and areas to trial the solution in. The approach is totally flexible and mapped around each individual hospital’s need.

With the programme teams I have worked in, this approach had given us all a real buzz. After the first 5-10 days of ramp up, it’s a great experience to come back and see what the team have done and how they have tailored the product to meet their solution’s requirements.

Both of my experiences with Evolve Rapid Digital Clinics implementation have been extremely rewarding. As I write this I am sitting in a bustling café in the NHS, we’re half way through our Evolve Rapid Digital Clinics implementation. Everyday has been packed with visitors from Medical, IT, IM&T and Programme Management, who all want to see our solution and progress. It’s truly exciting stuff, and I feel we’re really making a difference in hospitals we work with.