AI Practice
AI played a part in spotting COVID-19. Now, it’s helping to fight it.
Back in December 2019, AI was able to identify and flag outbreak patterns in Wuhan, China – 9 days before the WHO announced the emergence of this novel coronavirus. Austin Tanney, Head of AI, discusses how AI is helping to fight COVID-19 with its ability to contextualise vast amounts of data, in a way that is easily accessed and utilised by key workers.
An insight into Kainos’ AI Practice
I’m Sapphire Duffy, a recent graduate working in the AI Practice at Kainos. I knew I needed to be somewhere exciting, fast paced and challenging with problems that I could solve! Artificial Intelligence (AI) certainly delivers that for me, it is extremely rewarding. I saw an advertisement for Kainos AI Camp during university and I was interested in the big hype around…
Kainos and AI: The AI NI Hackathon; How We Won It, What We Built and Why Hackathons Matter
On the 13th and 14th of April, AI NI held their ‘Good AIdea Hackathon’.
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