Shining the light on testing 💡🐞
After studying Computer Science and working as a software developer throughout university, I applied to join Kainos as a Software Engineer to continue with what I knew and enjoyed doing. Taking part in Kainosʼ seven week Engineering Academy, which every graduate or placement student who joins us completes, built on what Iʼd learnt at university…
Software Engineering and beyond
Read Tharack’s story on his first year at Kainos in this new blog post.
How I became a Content Designer
Content design is a relatively new discipline in IT. Find out more about it from one of our senior designers.
Making a mark – Women in Technology
In the first of a series of posts, we interviewed some of our female employees for their perspectives and advice for women in Tech.
“What do you actually do?”
Read this new post from one of our graduates on his introduction to the company.
How I became a Delivery Manager
Steffen joined Kainos as a Delivery Manager in 2017. He leads teams across Belfast, London and Gdansk for a large government account.
Software Engineering / Development – What is it?
Read part two of our blog series on the fundamentals of Software Engineering at Kainos.
12 years in Kainos: From placement student to Tech Strategy Lead
Aislinn began working in Kainos twelve years ago as a placement student and is now the Tech Strategy Lead for Digital Services.
Derry students launch ‘CropSafe’ app to tackle global crop disease
Read the story of CropSafe here – a business launched by two NI students, supported by the Kainos Academy.
Joining Kainos as an Agile Team Lead
I’m an Agile Team Lead and I’ve worked at Kainos for a year on the MOT Project at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).