Cyber Security
Known Vulnerability Detection in Java and JavaScript code
Known vulnerability detection techniques for Java and JavaScript code in a Jenkins build pipeline.
Why Keeping Wi-Fi Secrets Matter
I recently visited a customer site and noticed that their Wi-Fi password had been helpfully printed and pinned to the wall in several locations around the office. It got me wondering, does it matter if we protect our Wi-Fi secrets? Environment To set the scene for you, the customer I visited is based in a…
Unified Security
How can we help improve security within Digital Services
Kainos MSc Cyber Security graduates awarded distinctions
Kainos MSc Cyber Security Students come top of the class.
Cyber incident detection for Electronic Medical Record System
David recently completed an MSc in Applied Cyber Security with Queen’s University Belfast, this post explains his project.
Kainos appointed to Scottish Digital Services new Dynamic Purchasing System
The fully electronic DPS system will enable more efficient provision of digital and cyber security services.
Practising cyber security ‘mindfulness’ in a digital age
What does bike-riding have to do with cyber-security? Find out how being mindful can help you online as well as on the road!
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