Jack of All Trades, Scrum Master of None?
Read this post from Aoife on how her Kainos journey as a graduate to Scrum Master!
Uncovering Scrum Myths: User Story
Marek Konera uncovers all you need to know about user stories, the backbone of agile software development.
A year working on the MOT modernisation project
Working on a large agile project? Our Scrum Master Jorge has some recommendations based on his time working on MOT modernisation.
Agile Standups for consultants
Daily Standup meetings have always been a regular feature of our agile projects and are increasingly being adopted by projects which aren’t strictly agile. A short daily catchup can be an invaluable tool, allowing team members to keep each other updated and identify any obstacles to them completing their tasks. I’ve found that development teams are very…
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