Shining the light on testing 💡🐞
After studying Computer Science and working as a software developer throughout university, I applied to join Kainos as a Software Engineer to continue with what I knew and enjoyed doing. Taking part in Kainosʼ seven week Engineering Academy, which every graduate or placement student who joins us completes, built on what Iʼd learnt at university…
My career path to Senior Test Engineer
Read our new blog post from a Senior Test Engineer on the challenges and successes he’s had so far throughout his career!
A closer look at Gauntlt
Senior Security Engineer Gary Tate Gauntlt offers guidance on configuring and implementing Gauntlt within your environment.
A year working on the MOT modernisation project
Working on a large agile project? Our Scrum Master Jorge has some recommendations based on his time working on MOT modernisation.
Coast to Coast: a Regional User Group Odyssey
I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while now but work keeps getting in the way, so here I sit (refreshment in hand) on a transatlantic flight after another whirlwind week of demonstrating Kainos Smart to more wide-eyed Workday customers. That however is not what this blog is about. This blog is about…
Diversity, Leadership and Innovation – EuroSTAR 2014 conference takeaways
EuroSTAR is probably the biggest testing event in Europe. The conference takes place every year, for over 20 years now, every year in a different host city. This year the 22nd EuroSTAR Conference was taking place in Dublin (on the 24th to 27th November) and the keynotes for the conference were diversity, innovation and leadership….
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