Kainos is no stranger to SXSW (South by Southwest). For the past two years, Tom Gray, CTO at Kainos, has taken to the SXSWedu stage to present on and ignite conversation around the topic of coding in schools, and the importance of nurturing young people’s digital skills.

In 2016, we’re hoping to expand our presence at the event, with representatives from across Kainos having submitted five proposals covering the following exciting topics: data analytics, innovation, the future of healthcare, gender and social inequality in education, the offline web.

In order for us to present once again at the event (or five times if we’re really lucky!), we need your votes. Each session is outlined below and includes a link to the PanelPicker website where you can submit your vote.


Setting Healthcare on FHIR with Predictive Data Analytics

Alastair Allen, Evolve Chief Technical Office at Kainos

Healthcare needs to Evolve.  Inefficiency, poor experiences and poor delivery make the efforts of our healthcare professionals less effective.  It’s time for a whole new transformation.

Although seemingly advanced, wearables are still in the early stages of development.  It is important that the range of data captured continues to expand, but combining this with information from GP systems, EHR’s and other specialists systems is crucial.  Emerging standards such as HL7 FHIR will play a fundamental role in integrating these disparate data sources together.  However, these steps are only the beginning – the real transformation will come when this data is used to provide real time analytics.

This session will cover these topics to explore how they can help transform a reactive healthcare system to a pro-active one.

Category: SXSW Interactive 2016

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To innovate, or not to innovate?

Luke McNeice, Innovation Lead at Kainos

Innovation in the enterprise is more important than ever yet the very constraints and processes that make enterprises a success is what makes innovation fail.

Good ideas are abundant, but we don’t invite them in – sometimes killing creativity without even realising it.

This session will discuss experiences of developing an innovation culture in the enterprise and detail steps taken to embed innovative thinking and drive value in the enterprise.

Category: SXSW Interactive 2016

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Transforming Public Services Using Data Analytics

Siona Murray, Software Engineer at Kainos

Today, public sector organisations face the arduous challenge of increasing service breadth and quality in the face of substantial budget cuts. It is vital that these organisations find new ways to make informed, data-driven decisions delivering insight for improved citizen services. Data analytics is the key! Our experience of deploying analytics solutions has shown the value in breaking down information silos and making data easier to share, analyse and consume. This session will illustrate how analytics can rapidly transform public services, with emphasis on better allocation and use of resources. We also examine how this tried-and-tested model can be replicated across numerous domains.

Category: SXSW Interactive 2016

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Social/Gender inequality. Shaping 2030’s workforce?

Gemma Crothers, Tech Outreach Manager at Kainos

The Industry of today is Tech focused, yet approximately 35% of Irish students are leaving school with no qualifications and little digital awareness. This isn’t just an issue which is specific to Ireland, In the US over 25% of students fail to graduate from high school. To compete in a global workplace it’s vital that every student leaves Education with meaningful qualifications and IT skills appropriate to the job market. It’s important that we enable the next generation to maximise their career potential. This session addresses Social and Gender Inequality in Education and how we can help students to overcome these issues.

Category: SXSWedu 2016

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The Offline Web – Not An Oxymoron

Alex Turnbull, Software Engineer at Kainos

We live in a disconnected world. However this should not adversely affect our experiences when using mobile web applications offline. Using existing HTML5 and JavaScript technologies it is possible to create great offline user experiences that not only make a mobile web application work offline but positively affect the application in terms of speed, reliability and usability.

More specifically we look at the technology that can be used to create offline first web applications, including how to cache pages/assets and how to store data using different browser storage options. We will explore the offline first design pattern and how it can be implemented in popular legacy mobile browsers.

Category: SXSW Interactive 2016

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